3 Inevitable Obstacles to Success You Must Handle Wisely.

Preye Raymond
2 min readMay 6, 2022


Behind every successful artist, entrepreneur, and business magnate there is always a humiliating story.

From Nong V

Everyone faces a disturbing challenge at some point. You have yours, I have mine.

But they can be properly handled if we choose to accept their inevitability. There are numerous unpredictable obstacles life throws at us, but I found these three to be the most common;

I) The One-Man Stigma

When starting out in anything, working alone can be a drag.

For instance, if you are starting a business you would lack the capital to hire a team of experts in your first 3years.

Even those who are likely to work with you (because they are looking to profit from your ideas) might mess things up and betray you in the process.

These are the natural order of things. It is normal and you need to accept that so you can handle it rationally when it occurs. It is all part of the one-man stigma. But don’t allow this to permanently alter your mindset to give up. Learn to love the process after feeling frustrated.

2) Emotional Anchors

These are the naysayers for your ideas. They quench your flare towards taking on a new project or task. They would give you a thousand reasons why your idea will suck!

Emotional anchors come in different forms. From public opinions to family and friends looking down on your plans. If you are lucky, there may be one or two supportive partners, but the majority will always play the black sheep.

The best and only way to handle emotional anchors is to keep a distance between them and your plans. Let them stretch their necks to see it in action.

3) Creativity Block

It is inevitable to run out of ideas, even though you have the highest IQ or spatial intelligence.

However, encountering a block may not be inevitably frustrating if we choose to handle creativity differently.

Creativity is about recycling what has been done or said before in a unique manner.

Most people adopt the mainstream thought that- being creative is “thinking outside the box”. But from my experience as a creative writer, I have found that statement to be incomplete.

The complete statement should be: thinking outside the box, with the knowledge you’ve taken from others in the past or in the present.

According to Bowie;

“The only art I’ll ever study is stuff that I can steal from.”



Preye Raymond

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