5 Positive Affirmations You Must Practice Daily!

“Only the weak-minded find comfort in Negativity”

It is important to always learn to appreciate yourself even when things seems to be going sideways or working against you.

Staying positive even in the face challenges takes courage. Most times we only feel better about ourselves when things are looking up…That’s easy right!?

But when things are not going well we are quick to judge ourselves harshly, that is why I came up with a list of 5 positive affirmations you should practice daily to always stay optimistic no matter what!

1) I would Always Forgive Myself, No Matter What!

This is huge, because we can easily forgive others for their silly mistakes, but it is sometimes difficult for us to forgive ourselves for our own mistakes, that is why we desperately hang on to our past problems and issues, we are quick to regret things that we did, things we did not do, so on and so forth…

But this is something we can overcome if we just learn to forgive ourselves by saying this affirmation “I would always forgive myself, no matter what”.

2) If I Don’t Shake it, it Won’t Shake! If I Don’t Move it, it Won’t Move!

Always remind yourself of this affirmation to encourage your morale to never give-up. When confronted with a tedious task and laziness or self-doubt starts to set in, always remember that if you don’t accomplish the task, no one will. “If you don’t shake it, it would not shake, If you don’t move it, it won’t move”.

3) “You Are Loved Just for Being who You are, Just for Existing, You don’t have to do anything to earn it”

This affirmation from the American psychologist Ram Dass is one of my personal favorite. Practicing this affirmation daily would help you adjust to your Insecurities.

Most people don’t appreciate themselves because they allow their insecurities get the better part. Each of us are designed with unique qualities, features and character. Just because you are not physically charming the way John or Jane is, should not stop you from being confident or appreciating your own existence.

Always learn to rule your insecurities and use them to your advantage with this affirmation, because it reflects your uniqueness and self-value.

4) “I am in the Right Place at the Right Time, Doing the Right Thing”

This is another powerful affirmation gotten from Louise Hay in her book “You can heal your life”. Reciting This affirmation daily is to assure yourself that the decisions and choices you take are the right ones.

These assurance will propel your productivity and help you execute your plans and decisions at the right moment.

5) I Can’t be Afraid, Because I am Fear Itself

When I am about to do something scary This is my mantra.

When feeling that fuzzy stomach ache, sweaty palms and goosebumps, that is the appropriate time to confront whatever is causing you to feel that way.

Being strong in the face of fear is simply realizing that you are 10x bigger than whatever you are afraid of!

Fear limits us and keeps us stagnated in one position for a long period, you have to be able to conquer even your worst fears to move forward and increase your potentials.

Always remind yourself of this affirmation the next time you are afraid to do something meaningful or life-changing.

Ensure to make these 5 positive affirmations a habit, it is healthy for your mind and your overall self-improvement.

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