Act Differently: 5 Ways to Build a Distinguished Reputation.

Preye Raymond
3 min readApr 28, 2022
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We often fear being different because It alters the course between what’s normal and what’s not.

But the question is, what’s thrilling about being normal?

Normal people get lost in the crowd. And so do their opinions, beliefs, charisma, and talent.

Take a brief moment to review the disposition of those you idolize. Perhaps if they acted like an average citizen you would find them boring and you’d stop appreciating their work completely.

What sparks your passion towards those you idolize or relish is their courage to act differently and to distinguish themselves from the herd.

Recently, I mailed my CV to a fintech company to apply for a video editing gig. Within a brief moment, I got a reply saying I’d been shortlisted for an interview.

During the virtual interview, the Head of the HR department told me that the reason why I got shortlisted was because I attached an introductory video (demonstrating what I can offer)to my CV. Something other applicants didn’t think of doing.

It doesn’t take much to stand out and have a distinguished reputation. Leaving a mark wherever you go should come naturally to you, if:

I) You Remain a Mystery.

People enjoy a good challenge and they find such challenge in things they can’t easily predict or decipher. Once you become predictable you become lukewarm and uninteresting.

To have a distinguished reputation or personality, one must act exceptional. Always keep them wondering.

II) You Find Your Presence.

Or what Patsy Rodenburg calls the second circle. The energy you can control. Free from insecurities, fears, and arrogance.

When you stay present, your demeanor becomes authentic and natural (something most humans lack these days).

You become so real that it starts attracting others towards you.

Imagine wearing a well-tailored suit or gown to a dinner party, plucking out eyeballs each step you take. The rush and confidence you feel at that moment are exquisite. That’s how your presence should make you feel.

Your presence is that suit or gown that keeps you confident and reflects your uniqueness. Relish it above everything else and watch the spotlight follow you seamlessly.

III)You are Confident in Your Skills

Learn a skill and be confident with it. Nothing builds an outstanding reputation than gaining mastery in a skill. Let’s end it there.

IV) You Always Add Something Extra.

Don’t be careless with your routines or services to others. Anything you do for yourself and others should reflect oomph.

V) You Alter People’s Perspectives

People barely change their notions or beliefs. It takes something unusual for one to have a mindset shift that breaks the standard.

Self-help coaches, mentors, and even entrepreneurs deserve to be respected in this regard because their perspective and creativity originate from several mind-shifting beliefs or notions that others (who act normal) find difficult to adopt.

You are distinguished and reputable when you can alter and influence people’s (fixed) beliefs and notions. A fascinating skillset to have when relating with others.

Don’t be quick to accept people’s opinions or beliefs without evaluation, and don’t be afraid to question them (if they are questionable).



Preye Raymond

Content Creator/Personal development coach/Soloprenuer