How to Live in Abundance

Preye Raymond
5 min readNov 25, 2021

The greatest discovery of my generation is the fact that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind. —William James

Oftentimes, we have a myopic sense of how we relate to the word ‘abundance’. The definition of the word itself is not the issue, but how we objectify it in reality.

When we say someone is living in a state of abundance, our minds are quick to imagine the amount of wealth or affluence that person possesses. Because of this way of thinking, we’ve been hardwired and conditioned to think that our self-worth is quantitative rather than qualitative.

Society, and those closest to us, have conditioned our minds to measure the state of abundance with material profusion. For this reason, feelings of insecurity and lack of confidence have led to an increased number of depression and suicidal cases over the past decade.

Most people barely feel worthy and confident about themselves because their minds are constantly in scarcity. They are limited and shortsighted by what they lack, instead of uncovering their inherent potentials and being open-minded to explore their endless possibilities. If you find yourself in this situation you have to lighten your mental burden and be willing to assimilate everything that would be discussed here.

This is not a motivational piece meant to cheer your hearts into believing the impossible or to spark false enthusiasm about a bright future. This piece is curated to help you wake up! from your immature fantasies and limited knowledge on what abundance truly means. And to start regulating your mindset towards adopting such a prosperous state.

First, Swallow this Mindset Pill

No matter how bitter or uncomfortable it feels, you have to train yourself to know that -abundance starts from the mind before it is materialized into reality. The mind has to be comfortable in a state of plentifulness and potentials before it is revealed in the physical. And to achieve this you have to note down everything you are good at, and start exploring how you can make them work for you.

Use what you are good at, to create opportunities for yourself, or to attract them from others. Establish your own platform, your own stage where you are the productive leader and the value-giver.

Every success story and great achievement started in a mental state of potentiality, with statements like — “how can we make this possible?”, “what can we do”, “let’s explore all options”, “let’s experiment”, “let’s keep observing”, “let’s keep moving no matter what”. Not statements like- “this is how life wants it, there is nothing we can do to change it”, or “there are not enough opportunities”. It takes a mindset of abundance to bring potentiality into actuality. According to Marianne Williamson;

The key to abundance is meeting limited circumstances with unlimited thoughts”.

You have Access to Space & Time Like Everyone Else.

You have the same space and time to operate like the richest man on the planet. If you doubt that, at least you would agree that- we all breathe the same air, we all have 24 hours in a day, we all work or have the potential to work, our body structure occupies a certain amount of space, we all grow old, and we all die.

Sometimes, our minds are easily carried away by our problems, and what we lack that, we are not open to the equal chances and opportunities life has given us all. We always feel some people are more pre-destined to succeed than others, or society favors them. I used to be caught in that lie too.

For instance, in Nigeria, if someone is successful or wealthy, they quickly attribute such success to ‘God’s grace’ or ‘God’s oil’. In vernacular, they would say: “that man get oil for ehm head, na wetin they give ehm money”, which translates to “that man has a supernatural oil on his head, and that is what provides his wealth”. My people can be too superstitious and religious sometimes that they misconstrue the truth and forget that God has given everyone an equal space to succeed.

It is what you do with your space and time that sets the difference. If you choose to be lazy, or to mess up one or two opportunities that people throw your way. That is simply on you, not the government, not the successful individuals in society(who choose to use their time and space well), and certainly not God.

Becoming a Value-Giver

To assume a state of abundance you must provide substantial values. Being charitable and helping others creates a halo-effect of positioning your mind and your identity in a state of abundance.

The wealthy and affluent in society don’t get involved in charitable events simply to show off. Sometimes, they do it because it helps them propel their mindset farther away from scarcity and more towards abundance.

People who live in scarcity are always ‘me, myself, and I’ oriented, that is why they remain stagnant in their scarcity. They are not bothered with how they can impact their generation and leave a legacy behind for posterity. Rather, they are always looking for how to take, because in their minds -they are the victimized, they are the impoverished, they are the insecure ones, and they deserve to be loved or cared for.

This is Noteworthy!

Your current situation or environment should not lure you into thinking you are not good enough, or you don’t have enough. Remember, abundance is a state of the mind, and so is scarcity.

If you allow your current situation and environment to overwhelm you into thinking scarcely, you would only trap yourself into slipping backward rather than pushing forward to find a solution or to make things better.

There is always enough, you just need to know how to get it. This doesn’t only apply to success or wealth, but in all areas of life, e.g, relationships, love, knowledge, etc…

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