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Preye Raymond
3 min readMay 9, 2020


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What does a life-changing opportunity mean to you? Is it getting that dream job? Or is it finally having the right platform to showcase your talent? Take a minute to think these questions through, because oftentimes, people misunderstand the definition of what opportunity means. If your choice regards any of the questions above, then chances are you are in the same scenario.

It is commonly known that opportunities revolve around chances or a good time to make something possible, but the common misunderstanding about such definition is the frequent opinion that opportunity is something given, i.e, set of circumstances that have to be in place for something to happen, which subsequently leads to an innate desire of entitlement. When wrapped up with the feeling of being entitled, there exists a constant penchant that there is something or somebody’s connection needed to propel your financial future. Indeed, most times this is the case, a lot of situation changes with the right connections, but 80% of people don’t really understand how being connected works. Connections are created and not facilitated by entitlement, not in this reality. Having the right connections are often based on the worth and value of your personality, which poses the question, what platform have you created that others can effectively make use of? If you don’t have any, then certainly you can’t locate a profitable connection, and feeling entitled to one is not a healthy way of thinking.

Are you waiting for someone in the HR department or outsourcing agency to give you that dream job? Or waiting for that popular manager to give you the role, or sign you into a million-dollar record label? What are the odds, that out of a hundred applicants you are likely to be among the top five choices for the spot? Do you keep waiting to find out, and then finally get frustrated and settle for less? The mentality to “wait” is the reason why so many talents go to waste in our world, either it is waiting for the right time or waiting for the right person to just hand over the Midas touch (no pun intended).

“Waiting to receive” is how people, (especially the youths) are being nurtured in society today. However cliche these questions might appear, it is simply the truth, what if instead of waiting, you create? Is it bad fate if you are in a position to employ instead of being employed? Sometimes a life-changing opportunity is not just about making money, and that is where most people fail in thinking, and end up being slaves all in the bid for an opportunity.

The only difference between you and the world’s richest man is that while you were waiting and feeling entitled to something, he was busy crafting, innovating, creating with the little $5 he had in his pocket, trying to figure out, how $5 can become $10. Acquiring wealth is not money-driven, rather it is the fulfillment an individual gets from giving himself an opportunity, without having to wait for something or someone, not from the perspective of egoism, but of freedom.

A quick reality check, if anyone gives you an opportunity you become slaves to them, directly or indirectly, even if you are making six or seven figures worth of annual revenue, it does not change the fact that you are still in someone else’s chains, and only he or she possesses the key.

Getting a job is good if it is secured and it pays the bills, and that is all to it, average, normal, but not life-changing. A life-changing experience begins when you decide.

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